Now and then, people have reasons to move from one place to another. In fact, the residential move has become one major activity in the US, and almost everybody may have to move at one point or the other. For instance, it could be that you secured a better apartment somewhere else within your state of residence, or it could be that you’re relocating to another state because you got a better job, or you’re just moving because you need to stay close to family and people that matter in your life; the reasons are probably endless. One of the key events in moving, however, is packing and transporting your valuables with you, as you go. It is also an important event of such relocation because you essentially need to ensure that your most essential belongings are safely packed and that they arrive promptly at their destination.

Now, while it may be possible to do the packing and to transport yourself, observations and survey outcomes have shown that it is more beneficial to let a professinal company do it for you. If you’re able to find the best moving company to do the moving for you, then you’re most likely to have a more comfortable, faster, seamless, and more secure process. This is because the best companies understand the fact that you need to get it all done within the shortest possible time- especially in a residential move where some of the moved items, are your everyday use items.

Our company services are carefully implemented in such a way that clients derive optimum service satisfaction, for all the time. This means that after weighing your moving options, you’ll see every reason why it is better to allow us to handle it, than doing it yourself.


What is the difference between commercial and residential move?

There are quite several distinct differences in the services provided by the commercial, and the residential moving companies. Firstly, while residential moves are the more common relocation of household items from one housing apartment to the other, commercial moves are more delicately carried out and are for specific clients. While any household may adopt the services of a residential moving company, commercial moving services are mostly provided to businesses and companies that need to remain functional, while they move. The clients in the commercial move may necessarily require appliance moving and storage services alongside. Thus, the commercial mover must be able to provide such services. They are, however, not fundamental in residential moves.

Before hiring a company to carry on with moving your items, it is important to find out if their services are strictly the residential moves, the commercial moves, or both. This is important, so you don’t get disappointed along the way. The Eagle State to State Moving provides both commercial and residential options, so you’re well covered.

In residential moves, you may embark on the process whenever you’re ready to move, while commercial moves require prior planning before the moving can start. Usually, commercial movers are required to have special edge expertise, than you would find with the residential movers.

I am looking for a residential moving company near me

Everybody needs that convenience and ease of access when they require the services of a household mover. Consequently, we have our branches spread across several locations nationwide, and we work all over US. Hence, you don’t need to worry about finding residential movers near you.

How much does residential moving services cost

Our residential relocation services are quite flexible with no hidden charges. Local residential moving services are delivered starting from $100-150, while an average cost for long distance moving is charged around $3,600.

Get my moving quote

If you need an estimate of how much you’ll be needing for either of your local move or a long distance one, then kindly complete the request form on our website. Our team would surely call you, to give you a quote. Also, you may have access to a visual estimate option, as you deem fit.


How to choose the right residential movers

There are several factors to consider when deciding on what company’s service you should hire. These include but not limited to company proximity, delicateness and size of moved items, service efficiency, amongst others. At least most of these factors must be the best that suits you.
One of the main factors to consider is eligibility of the business for local and interstate moves depending on the need. So, ask a potential company if they have a license.

What a household relocation with Eagle Movers has to offer

The Eagle State To State Moving prides on a positive track record, that has been carefully built from over the years. We ensure that we cater for our clients’ moving needs, most appropriately- giving each customer the required peculiarities that their moving deserves. Asides this tendency, our company, provides one of the lowest residential moving cost schedules you can find anywhere. We have remained one of the very best movers for your residential moving, partly because we also utilize different moving methods and frameworks that ensure you get the most prompt and satisfactory moving service delivery in the whole of the United States.

Do I need a residential moving checklist?

Although the residential moving checklist is important for all types of residential moving, you’ll particularly need it more if yours is an interstate residential moving. The checklist is best, because it makes your moving very much orderly, and also ensuring that the arrangements and preparations are rightly done.

  • Know the difference between commercial and residential move
    Now, many people think that all advertised moving companies, carry out virtually the same thing. This is not so true since there are different move types, each of which has its own requirements. The commercial move requires more detailed planning and strategy, because their improper execution, may affect the business operations of the clients. For instance, a relocating company that produces laundry soap ideally needs to be functional even when the moving is ongoing. Consequently, the utility manufacturing company and the moving company, need to plan and strategize on which machines should go first, and which ones should remain. On another hand, the relocation company must be able to effectively transport delicate and fragile components- such as those affected by temperature and moisture.

    These peculiarities, however, are not so much so associated with the residential move, where relatively less delicate components are the items moved.


  • Finding a residential moving company near you
    Usually, when finding a company near you- especially for interstate moving, it is important that you look for the one with increased service coverage. This means, that a company that operates in more states, is most likely a better option than the one that operates in fewer states. Movers with an increased network of branches, tend to have fewer issues moving clients items across long distances.


  • Determine your budget and services you need
    Although the American moving and storage association gives a price range that should be charged for moving services, individual relocation companies are at liberty to fix the exact prices. While movers are allowed to charge up to $2,300 for local moves you would reasonably get it cheaper when you move using the Eagle State to State Moving services. The company also ensures that every price breakdown is explained to the clients before the contract is signed, so there are no misunderstandings of any form.


  • Getting your moving quote
    At any company, moving quotes are accessible to intending clients- when they signify interest. Our team of customer service experts, issue you a well-detailed quote, within the shortest possible time. Unlike what you may get with some long distance residential moving companies, our service quotes carry the required transparency.


  • Choosing the right residential movers
    Truly, there are many local moving companies out there, and they may all look good if you don’t know how they respond to client services.Essentially, the type of residential movers you hire, also determines how fast and satisfactory your move would be. When looking for the right company, some of the things to check, are their operational history, the testimonials, and positive reviews.


  • Mark your requirements
    Your ideal moving company should be well disposed towards ensuring clients satisfaction in every way. This is what the Eagle State to State Moving outfit, stands for. Our business approach is holistic, ensuring that we incorporate every reasonable trait that would want you to come back again when you need such services as ours.


  • Make an ultimate packing list
    To have a successful household moving process, moving checklists are most recommended. This is so since they help you plan and follow an ideal course, for your relocation. Given the importance of this, our company adds our professional inputs, in helping you draft a proper moving checklist.

Some of the things contained in your moving checklists, are the recommended proper packing and moving schedules for the different items you have. The schedule could be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the clients and the components to be moved.