When it comes to long-distance moving, you have two options before you. The first one is the DIY option, in which you got to organize everything by yourself, including packing, transportation, unpacking, and installation.

Because this is something that would take too much of your time, money, and nerves, we suggest focusing on the alternative. And the alternative is to let professional Interstate movers and packers do the job!

If this sounds like a good idea, it’s time to learn why our company is your best choice. We stand at your service for any kind of moving task across all 50 US states, ready to do our job quickly and at the best possible rates.

How long does an average interstate move take?

Again, it depends on the distance from your old place to your new home. Still, generally speaking, a move takes between 2 and 5 working days. And when it comes to packing and unpacking, if you leave it to us, our team is going to handle it in a jiffy.

Can you help me relocate my stuff from/to anywhere in the U.S.?

Yes, we can! We have teams in almost all parts of the country, so moving your stuff will not be a big problem for us. Furthermore, if by any chance, our interstate move teams from your area aren’t currently available, we do business with reputable third-party companies who could take care of the moving job right away.

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I Need Interstate Movers Near Me! What Should I Do?

If you’re in an urgent need of interstate movers, many people would recommend using search engines to find the solution. The problem is that not all the moving companies from your area are actually licensed to perform interstate moves. Actually, most of them aren’t.

You can check whether a moving company has a license to do this kind of work by taking a look at the list of registered companies at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

And that’s exactly where you’re gonna find our company! We’re licensed to do moves across all of the 50 States and with teams in almost every part of the US, it’s fair to say that we’re your best choice!

How Much Do Interstate Movers Cost?

The USA is a huge country, with 50 different states, so it’s impossible to say exactly how much will you have to pay for a move. It all depends on the distance, as well as many other factors, like the type of the cargo you’re transporting, its weight and size, and so on. This is why the best thing you can do is give our moving agents a call (or contact us via our website) and ask for a quote. Don’t hesitate to do it, because it’s completely free!

From our experience, the average cost of a 1000-mile-long move across several states is about $3,600. Of course, it’s impossible to say exactly how much your move is going to cost, because other factors come into play as well.

For instance, an important factor is the volume of the cargo, as well as its weight because these things decide the number of trucks we will have to use to relocate your stuff. Obviously, a small move is going to cost less than a big one.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that you won’t get bankrupt due to your interstate move. At least, if you decide to put your trust in us. We surely won’t overcharge you. In fact, we’re gonna offer you the best deal possible!

On top of that, there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of your interstate move even further. Below are some of those things.


Choose the approach of forming the moving estimate

Apart from interstate moving, we have a variety of other services in our offer. Some of the interstate moving services we have at your disposal include packing, storage, professional packing supplies, etc. If you believe you can take care of some of these things on your own, there really is no need to pay us to do it.
Of course, if you got no experience with these things, it’s definitely better to leave it to the pros. Still, if you’re a DIY kind of person, you can do it on your own following our guidelines. Our experienced movers will be glad to share their experiences with you and provide you with some useful tips on how to take care of all this stuff.

Make sure that the pricing is transparent

Although you got nothing to worry that you’re gonna be scammed if you put your trust in our moving company, we do feel to mention some tactics other companies use to take their clients’ money.

For instance, some of them make quotes that aren’t very transparent, providing a cost estimate in a price range from incredibly affordable to really expensive. It’s needless to say that the latter option usually ends up as the final price.

Such things shouldn’t worry you if you decide to hire us for the job. Transparency in doing business is another thing that makes us one of the best interstate moving companies in the United States.

Use deducting expenses and other programs to reduce the costs

There are many non-profit organizations in the United States who might be willing to help you out with your cross state moving. There are also some government programs designed to help low-income families with their moves across the country. For instance, you might be eligible to receive a relocation grand from the US government.

I Want To Get My Moving Quote Now!

We are more than happy to help you out! Our agents will provide you with a moving quote today, absolutely free of any charge. Just fill the form on the site and we call you back!

Ready to find out more?

Getting a moving estimate is simple!

How Can I Be Sure That an Interstate Moving Company Is Reliable?

Finding your perfect Interstate moving company might be more difficult than you’ve imagined. The thing is that the competition is huge, which is why some of those companies are using shady tactics in order to catch the eye of the potential clients.

Some might try to present their services in a much better light than they actually are; some might try to inflate their prices after making a deal with the customer; some might simply do a poor job once hired. To make sure you won’t get disappointed, here are the things you need to look for in an interstate moving company:

Professional Transportation Equipment and Moving Supplies

Unless the moving company has all the transportation equipment and moving supplies necessary to relocate your stuff safely, you should look elsewhere. What’s the point of doing an interstate move, if your cargo won’t get to its new destination in one piece?

Verify if the Moving Company is Legitimate

Considering that the demand for interstate moving companies is big, many people have decided to give this business a try. Unfortunately, many of them are just not good enough to do this kind of work. Whether an interstate moving company has everything needed to do a proper job is something that’s decided by a governmental agency which issues licenses only to those that fulfill all the requirements.

Disassembly/Assembly Services for Free

Many top rated moving companies offer different relocation packages, some of which include certain services for free. For instance, if you decide to pick us for your interstate move, we’re gonna take care of disassembly/assembly of your things free of any charge.

Wide Range of Moving Options

Whether you’re in need of residential moving or you wish to relocate your business by crossing state lines, your ideal moving company needs to be able to take care of the work. The state to state movers also need to have a large vehicle fleet with trucks of different sizes so that all of your cargo can be transported, regardless of its size and weight.

Personal Moving Manager

With a real person in charge of your interstate move, you can be sure every aspect of it will go according to plan. The job of a personal moving manager is to do all in their power to tailor the services so that your move is done exactly how you’ve imagined it.


Even with top-quality moving equipment, there’s always a risk that something wrong will go on with the move. This is why it is mandatory for every licensed moving company to provide insurance. Unfortunately, most of the interstate furniture movers include only basic insurance in their offer, with minimum liability.

The problem is that this kind of insurance won’t be enough to fully cover your valuables, such as antique furniture, music equipment, art, and so on. This is why our advice is to opt for full value protection of your cargo, even if that meant paying a bit more for the insurance.

What an Interstate Moving with Professional Company Has to Offer?

If you’re wondering why it is so beneficial to use a moving company instead of organizing the move by yourself, there are many possible answers. The most obvious one is that professionals have more experience in doing these kinds of things, so they can take care of the job much faster than you would.
Other advantages of hiring a professional moving company for this job include the following:

  • Safety and security of your cargo
  • Experience with out of state moving
  • Experience with driving over thousands of miles
  • Insurance policy included
  • You got literally zero work to do, everything is handled by the interstate movers
  • Professional packing and unpacking service
  • Relocation done by a moving company usually costs less than doing everything on your own

How to Prepare for a Smooth Interstate Move?

An average American moves more than 10 times during their lifetime. No matter how experienced you might be with this, relocation is always a stressful thing. And it goes double when interstate moves are in question.

To make sure your interstate move will go as smoothly as possible, here are some things you can do:

  • Separate your valuables and fragile items from the rest of the cargo – Our advice is not to mix your precious items such as jewelry and art with other cargo. Instead, pack them in smaller packages and have them with you during the transport.
  • Get rid of the things you don’t need – There are probably some things in your current home that you don’t necessarily need. Plus, there are probably some items that don’t cost much, but take a lot of space, e.g. laundry basket, garbage cans, etc. By throwing away these things (or, even better, giving them to charity), you will make more room for transporting your important cargo.
  • Make sure your new home is ready – If the place you’re moving to is not yet ready, where are you going to keep your stuff? Sure, you can put them in our storage if you wish, but a much more convenient alternative is to move them straight in your new residence. And that’s only possible if the new home is ready for moving in.

These are just some of the tips you can use to make your interstate move less stressful. To learn more tricks like these, as well as find out everything you want to know about the move, feel free to get in touch with us. Our interstate movers are always there for you!