News about moving is often a shock for people, so they are not always able to think rationally and prepare thoroughly for it. However, professional help can turn this situation into a benefit. If you are making a choice among cheap long-distance moving companies or looking for local movers who perform only some relocation services, it is more reasonable to select the first variant. Full-service moving companies offer a wide spectrum of moving services and they usually guarantee you a cheap move since you never overpay for any of them. As you know, buying in bulk is always more affordable and in the case with full-service relocation companies, this law is also applicable.


What is the cheapest way to move cross-country?

There is hardly anything so astonishing than to plan your relocation and try to make it as cheap as possible. However, today, there are many companies that assist during this responsible process or even complete everything for you. Naturally, you may think that it would be not possible to make moving affordable even if you hire the cheapest moving company. But the tough competition in the moving market resulted in both improved quality of the services provided and cheaper prices.

Earlier, if you had wanted to move for a long distance and save some money, you would have preferred to travel on your own car if there is any or ship all your possessions using the services of such companies. Today, both of these ways of moving are misleading since most of the cars owned by people do not have enough space for all the belongings, while shipping either costs high if done by professionals or may hide some surprises if done by bidding. Are you ready to trust all your valuables to a person you see for the first time and without recommendations only because his bid was lower? It reminds a lottery where you cannot predict the outcome.

In fact, modern moving companies have not only achieved success in the quality of services they provide but also their cost. They do not hurry in search of big profits since it is better to have a group of regular clients rather than discourage them from hiring movers at all.
Consequently, moving fees have decreased greatly and now you should not pay so much to move cross-country. Moreover, it is much more affordable to order a list of moving services in one place than pay for all of them separately. As a result, hiring a full-service moving company such as Eagle Movers is a perfect way to move with the least expenses.

I need cheap local movers and packers near me, can you help?

Eagle State to State Moving company has been started with the goal to make moving more comfortable and cheap. That is why every person in every point of the US can hire our dedicated and experienced movers. If you still believe that reputable moving companies still try to open offices in every big city of the state, you are mistaken. It is more reasonable to invest money in the premium logistics services and modern equipment to guarantee every customer only the best experience. If you need moving help right now, open the website of our company and press the button ‘Leave a Quote’. Our affordable movers will call you back as soon as possible since they are trained to find out all the details of the order after they get a quote from the client to meet all his or her expectations. As a result, our mover team arrives always on time and with all the necessary equipment no matter where you are located. It helps us to hold leading positions among other local movers with low moving prices.


How much does Eagle State To State Moving cost?

When a person starts looking for moving companies across the country, there are many things to consider. One of the main things is a correlation between the cost of moving and services included in it. Many people get tempted by smaller figures advertised by movers and later have to feel absolutely disappointed when they are asked to pay extra. You will never get in such a trap with Eagle Movers since our pricing policy is transparent and clear.

Naturally, the exact cost of every order can be counted only on the basis of several important facts: volume and weight of the freight, list of services required, distance to be covered, etc. It is the reason why we ask our potential clients to make up a detailed checklist of the things to be moved in the quote they leave. It helps to provide the most accurate estimate and prevent misunderstandings.

However, if you prefer to learn official data of our company moving experience, the average cross-country move costs about $3600 starting from $1500. Local moving is much more affordable being $300 on average and starting from $100 only. These are ones of the lowest prices in the market, especially if to consider how many benefits you get turning to our movers.

Get the most affordable moving companies quote

It can be challenging to find the best cheap movers from state to state but your efforts have taken you to the right place. Eagle Movers is one of the affordable moving solutions free to help everyone who requires relocation help. Providing predominantly long-distance moving services we still never refuse any client who has to move behind the corner. Our moving teams travel both to large metropolitan areas and small villages and move different sizes of cargo (from several kgs to several tons). We realize that moving is a painstaking stage in every person’s life and it is unjust to refuse to help people who ask for it.

We are always ready to provide moving assistance and it is one of the reasons why getting a quote in our company is so easy and quick. When you open the website of our moving company you will immediately see a suggestion to leave a quote. It would be great if you send us all the details about the relocation as well as leave contact information in the field too. Our managers will call you back soon after they analyze the quote and learn all other important details for the successful move of your stuff. This way of hiring movers is the most convenient and simple one and hundreds of our happy clients have appreciated it too!


Tips for moving on a low budget

Unfortunately, moving long distance requires not only patience and effort but also money. Of course, you will not be able to cope with moving challenges absolutely free of charge, however, there are many opportunities to save on this costly process. If you are one of those who is not ready to spend the average monthly or even yearly income of your family on the move, it is time to look through the following tips on how to move possessions cheaperly or at least save some money.

1. Make up a moving budget and take control of it
It is very important to understand how much money you can share from your family budget on the move. Only then you can start planning your relocation budget and come to the conclusion of what services you can afford and where you need to save. When you start spending it, write down all the expenses to take control of them and be able to make minor fixes if necessary. Always keep a certain sum of money for unpredictable situations too.

2. Book movers early
There is a tendency among movers to make discounts to clients who reserve their services long in advance. It is an excellent way to make moving cheap and scheduled. However, it is not the only benefit you get by doing so. Early booking allows choosing the most suitable date and time for relocation. Experts also say that you can save more if you choose a date that is not a national holiday, weekend, the beginning and the end of the month.

3. Choose the right moving company
If you want to save on movers, you must be very picky when you choose a moving company to hire. First of all, you will have to compare the rates of many movers to understand which offer is really affordable and has no hidden fees. Then, it is important to understand how many services you can get for a certain amount of money in one company and another one. Full-service companies such as Eagle Movers offer more for the same money and you can save on some services thanks to that. Other important features of movers to consider are reputability, experience, reviews, presence of free moving quotes, certification and licenses, awards, etc.

4. Take only necessary things
When you begin to plan your moving, the first thing you think about is what to take with. In fact, everything seems necessary at first sight, but when you make an inventory of your home or office, you will find many items that are damaged, broken or never used at all. There is no sense to pay money for their move as their function in your new home will not change. You should not include them in your checklist, and it would be right to remove them from your home not to take them occasionally during packing.

5. Earn extra money on selling unwanted items
Do you believe that things you have not used for over a year or forgotten about their existence are really a necessity? Analyze everything you have in your home and get rid of the items which are unwanted. Selling them is a perfect way not only to forget about them forever but also win some money for them. It can be a yard sale for your neighbors or ads on the Internet. However, if you do not have time or desire to do that, you can send them to any charity organization or stock too.

6. Save on packing materials and services
One of the ways to pay movers less is to pack all your possessions yourself. Naturally, you had better read about efficient packing techniques in advance to save that valuable space and prevent your stuff from damages during transportation. It is also possible to ask friends and relatives to help you with packing. This effort will reduce your move cost greatly, but what about avoiding paying for packing materials as well? A huge sum of money is always spent on simple card boxes. But you can eliminate the figure in the moving budget by getting them absolutely free of charge. It is possible to ask your friends about second-hand boxes or turn to a business that pays for their recycling.

7. Schedule your move for the off-season
Sometimes it is impossible to plan your move long in advance, but if you have such an opportunity, you can reduce your total moving cost by ordering relocation services during the off-season. If it takes time to sell your home or you are transferred to another job position, you can schedule your move for winter or fall since these are the cheapest seasons for movers. The number of people who require services of such companies decreases at this time, so many companies agree to make discounts.

8. Measure your new home before moving in for all your belongings to fit it
It happens that your new home has not enough space for all the belongings you take with. It happens not only when the area of your new property is smaller. Sometimes, it is impossible to find a suitable place for some pieces of furniture because of the non-standard floor plan, neighbors who prefer silence (we mean moving musical instruments), not fitting the doorway, or any other reasons. That is why you need to make all the measurements early enough to be able not to move these pieces at all.

9. Make only reasonable purchases for your new place of living
When you imagine living in a new home, you create a certain picture in your head. Often, this picture is too eloquent and you decide to buy new decor or furnishing before this move takes place. Think twice if these things are of great importance and whether they can not be purchased after moving. Otherwise, you will pay more for them since their transportation will cost you money too.

10. Learn how to get financial help for moving
Moving cheaply is possible if you have to pay its cost not only from your own pocket. Federal government and companies take care of the people who have to move because of the employment. It is possible to ask for reimbursement of your expenses not only the IRS but also your employer. Other ways to decrease your relocation budget is to turn to charity organizations that help different categories of the population.