The popularity of small moves is constantly growing since modern people try to keep up with the changes that happen around them. There are many reasons why apartment movers are in great demand. Modern population of the planet tends to change their places of living due to a more well-paid job, lower rent, purchase of a new home or flat and many other causes. At the same time, they also prefer to entrust reputable apartment moving companies to move them instead of racking their own brains with the upcoming challenges.

If you also want to exchange a small apartment for a more spacious condo, townhouse, another flat or have any other reasons for moving, a dedicated team from Eagle State to State Moving is always ready to help you. When you hire professionals, it is a guarantee that your belongings are moved safely and according to the schedule you have pre-determined. That is why hiring our apt movers our customers can sigh with relief and rest aside being not involved in the process at all.

How much do apartment movers cost?

Moving from one apartment to another can be very expensive if you choose the wrong assistant. Ordering all the moving services like packing materials, truck rentals, loading in different companies even if you get help from your relatives and friends hits the price of your move greatly. That is the reason why you have better find one trusted apartment moving company such as Eagle State to State Moving and order all the services in one place.

We realize that affordable prices play a very significant role in the choice of the local apartment mover. It is the reason why our prices start at only $150 and you can be confident that it will not change at any stage of your move. If the sum is indicated in your quote, be sure to pay only it, without any hidden fees. Moreover, hiring our dedicated employees and ordering other relocation services at our company, be sure to get a discount and enjoy your professionally organized and cheap moving.


How is the total cost of moving calculated?

The budget of your moving depends mainly on the number of items to be delivered and the distance to be covered. At the same time, the addition of any extra services such as packing, creating a checklist, furniture assembly/disassembly, etc. will extend the number of your expenses.

I need apartment movers near me

Moving apartments is one of the main directions of our company with years of professional experience. Our qualified team is aware of the best approaches on how to move things up and downstairs, fit them in the elevator or cope with terrific parking challenges. Whether you are a student, military, urban professional or retiree, if you need to relocate several pieces of furniture, a room or a whole condominium, we are a perfect solution for you. There is no need to look for other movers around your city or town since we provide moving services all over the the U.S. It is enough to call us to schedule your relocation and our workers will arrive at your home in time and fully equipped. In addition to standard moving services such as packing, loading, transporting, our staff can help you with many other challenges caused by relocation and complete your apartment move successfully and efficiently.

How to hire apartment movers?

The fastest and the most comfortable way to do that is to fill in the application form for a moving quote on our website. You can list the items to be moved and services required there to get an approximate in-home estimate cost of the relocation or indicate the day and time for our representative to arrive and do that more accurately. Soon, our managers will contact you to learn the details and confirm the date and time of the visit.

Are my belongings insured?

Eagle State to State Moving guarantees all the clients of the company that their valuables are insured. In case of any unpredictable situation there are two types of insurance you can choose: by the total weight of the cargo and per each item on the checklist.

What is not allowed to move?

Since the safety of your possessions and our employees is a priority for our company, we do not accept weapon, hazardous chemicals and materials that are dangerous of flammable, things that may die or spoil during transportation (pets, plants), precious papers or personal items. If you need to move any of such items, you need to turn to our managers for consultation.


Apartment moving services from experts

It is possible to make moving apartment a fast and simple process if you are assisted by professionals. With our certified and friendly experts, your move to another apartment will be customized and coordinated. Moreover, you can count on the extensive range of different relocation services we offer including the following ones:

  • A trained team of moving experts with years of experience
  • A fleet of new specially equipped trucks of different sizes
  • Professional packing materials and services
  • Loading services using the strength of our movers and necessary equipment (hoisting straps, dollies, crates, ramps, tool kits.)
  • Detailed item inventory
  • Storage units for rent
  • Timely delivery of the cargo with an inside arrangement of furniture if required
  • Assembly/disassembly of the furnishing
  • Connecting/disconnecting appliances
  • Cleaning services

These and many other services are a necessity for a comfortable and secure relocation of your belongings to a new townhouse, flat or condo. It is impossible to realize how useful professional moving help can be until you experience it yourself. Do you still have any doubts? Look through the feedback provided by our satisfied customers and choose our company if you need help.