Discover how is it possible to move with children, survive and, in addition, be successful:

  1. Keep calm
    This first point is essential. Keep calm and avoid any arguments that may arise. We know that the transfers are stressful, and due to this stress, bad organization and the setbacks may arise. Therefore, it is important to control yourself and take the situation in a way that does not affect the little ones, who notice everything even if we do not realize it.

  3. Adopt a positive mindset
    In the same way, it is important to try to have a positive attitude, to infect the little ones and, above all, to live the process as something good and enjoyable.

  5. Prepare your children mentally
    It is very important to get prepared children for the upcoming change. They need to understand why they are going to live in another place if it is the case, that they will change schools, that they will have to meet new people, etc. To this, we must add the particularities of each child that will make this preparation different for each one.

  7. Tell them what is like your new home will be
    So that the change will not be abrupt you can sit down with your children and tell them all about the new home and its surroundings, focusing of course on the positive, but without lying. It should not idealize but represent the reality that we know. To do this, talk about your rooms, if there are two bathrooms, if you have a patio, if you can make barbecues, etc. Also, you can describe the neighborhood, nearby places, if you will use bus or take the car every morning.
    The best thing is to visit your new home making it very clear to each child what their room will be as well as the rest of the rooms and invite them to walk through the most attractive places in the area and, of course, near the school, improving the adaptation process. If this is not possible, you can access the internet to see images, and if you are furnishing the house, do not forget to take pictures of your rooms so that they know them before the move.

  9. Be careful with your belongings
    It is important that during the move you do not lose ANYTHING of the children’s things. You may come to think that their toys have no place in your new place or that relocation is an excuse to get rid of what has been lost.

  11. Involve children in the process of moving
    Make them participants in all possible ways. Leave them to make the important decisions in their room, counting on their opinion on stuff with which they can relate more, letting them help you in the move if they are going to do.

  13. Follow the usual routines
    As soon as the change of residence is done it is important to return to the previous routines to show that there has not been many changes.

  15. Choose the right moment to make the move
    If any important changes took place in the family (death, the birth, etc.) or in the child’s life (taking off the diapers, starting school) it is best to postpone the move so that the both aspects are not negatively affected by moving.

To make a move with children is easier than you think

In general, to make a move with children it is important to maintain a positive attitude, normalize the situation and, of course, not lie in anything.