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Let your relocation challenges be our responsibility. Our movers use a highly efficient approach that allows them to deliver freight fast and safely both intra and interstate.

Turn your relocation into a pleasant and peaceful experience with the help of our dedicated moving team. We perform both residential and commercial relocation services of superior quality.

Our core values:

Transparency: no hidden fees;
Project management: every state to state moving is planned thoroughly and coordinated on site;
Affordable pricing vs top-notch services: we prove that low moving cost does not influence the highest quality of services provided;
Personal approach: we follow all the requests and wishes of every our client;

Flexibility: a wide array of different moving services and solutions in one place.

We Deliver Good Mood Together With Your Freight

Our extensive network and friendly staff make state to state moves your pleasant experience.

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Our achievements

Tons of cargo

Our extensive fleet of new trucks delivers freight of any size and weight.

Moves completed

Many families have started a new page of their life happily.


An extensive company network allows bringing excellent moving solutions to everyone.

Miles of roads covered

An advanced logistics system of our state to state movers allows us to find the shortest route to your new destination.


Best State to State Moving Company

When you are first told about the necessity to change the place of your living or operation of your business, it strikes like a lightning in your head. However, it is always possible to find a solution to this problem if you hire professional movers to assist you. People who have at least once in their life ordered services of state to state moving companies realize all the benefits of this decision. Eagle movers company has gradually grown from a small local relocation firm into the leading interstate moving company trusted by thousands of satisfied clients. The reason for that is a number of features that make these cheap movers from state to state outstanding.

    • Certified and friendly movers
      If you are interested in the best outcome of your out of state moving, our dedicated team of movers is a key to your success. They have been trained to deal with different types of items, mastered the most effective and safe packing techniques, are experienced enough to make the most of the professional equipment they are provided with to guarantee the best quality of the moving services. Our movers turn up on site long before the truck arrives and provide a full range of services including basic and additional ones.


    • Covering all over the whole area of the USA
      Most often, state to state movers agree to deliver freight only to the neighboring states leaving clients in the absolute despair or saying that it will cost a fortune for them. With Eagle State to State moving, you can be confident that your possessions will be transported to any spot on the map no matter what distance must be covered for this purpose. We work in all American states making it possible to guarantee efficient relocation solutions all over the whole territory of the country and set reasonable pricing for these services.


    • A wide range of moving services
      It is very comfortable for clients to be able to get all the services they require in one place. That is why our company decided to meet this requirement and offer a big number of different services that might be required when you move. In addition to such standard solutions as packing, loading, transportation, performing professional inventory, evaluation, we offer many additional services that will eliminate stress during your out of state move. These are handling bulky items, furniture assembly/disassembly, connection/disconnection of appliances, cleaning, storage unit rental, taking items up and down the stairs, etc.


  • Affordable relocation cost
    It is not easy to find a state to state movers cost that is really cheap. However, Eagle Movers realizes that moving involves many unpredictable expenses which can be crucial for a family budget. That is why we have put much effort to make our pricing policy affordable and reasonable. Any hidden fees are absent in our company, so you can be confident to pay only for the services you have ordered and only the sum mentioned in the quote or contract. Consequently, you will see what your moving budget consists of and if there is anything left in store. Moreover, with our company, you will get more for the money you will pay to any other state to state movers.
  • New trucks and professional equipment
    Our fleet of trucks and vans can cover an unlimited mileage no matter how far the final point is. All of them are in the perfect state since most of them are absolutely new. It means that your cargo will be in a complete safety, clean and smell-free. Every vehicle undergoes regular preventative maintenance to ensure its excellent operation. All of them are characterized by fuel efficiency that is also important for making the total moving cost lower.

Another feature of our best-rated state to state movers is being provided with all the necessary equipment required for moving. We take care not only of the freight transported but also the health of our employees, that is why our out of state movers can choose from the variety of dollies, hand trucks, blankets, bands and straps, bubble wrap and boxes, professional moving kits and many other supplies to be helpful during the moving process. There is also special piano moving equipment and protective materials available too.

  • Management and protection
    One of the main reasons to turn to the professional moving companies that move out of state is the utmost security of your possessions and a perfect organization of the moving process. When a customer applies for a quote in our company, he or she should not doubt that their moving will be thoroughly planned and scheduled. In addition, every order is managed by a professional coordinator on site to guarantee the safety of all your possessions. It is a moving specialist who controls the work of state to state movers, follows all the stages of the relocation, manages cargo distribution inside the truck and ensures that all the client’s belongings are delivered to the new destination securely.

  • Free out of state movers quote
    Looking for the best state to state movers near you it is not always necessary to visit an office of the company to get all the answers to the questions you are interested in. Modern technology has made it possible to order services of trusted leaders of the state to state movers by filling out an online quote on the website. Our company is ready to assist your moving from one state to another in every corner of the country - it is enough to apply for a free quote on our website and our managers will call you back as soon as possible.

  • Advanced logistics and storage systems
    One of the main factors that influence the cost of moving is a distance to be covered. It is the main reason why our logistics department consists of experts in this sphere. The work of this team allows us to make the delivery of freight timely and accurate. Moreover, they make up the shortest route to the final destination saving your money as well as help to track all state to state moves of the vehicle thanks to the advanced technology installed. The efficiency of our delivery is achieved due to the professional work of our logistics department, so you can be confident to get your possessions in the best manner possible.

Why should you choose us?

"Wonderful job! The team were on the scheduled time. They were so great to work with! I can proudly say I had awesome experience. Guys were very friendly, with nice sense of humor, and in addition to this, they were incredibly hardworking. They wrapped and packed all my stuff and loaded in order not to damage it. So I highly appreciated that there were really no scratches and so on. Thank you for such useful work! Definitely recommended company!"

Hazel Bailey

"Thank you so much for all your qualified help and support provided during this move. Excellent all around. I had really excellent experience due to Eagle movers. The team wrapped all my furniture in safety blankets so there was no any damage to my belongings. And I so appreciate it! I would definitely recommend this company!"

Dr. Claire

"I’m so happy! Really, my move couldn't have been more pain-free! Eagle State To State Moving company helped me with my move in the most smooth and easy way! The team arrived on time and immediately got to work! They were so friendly and kind! Their sense of humor helped a lot! Guys did their best not to damage my stuff, and I so appreciate it! Thank you so much for such a professional work!"

Aaron Kelly

"I can truly say my experience with Eagle State To State Moving was nothing but perfection. The team was on time with all needed tools. Guys were friendly, kind and very receptive. What is more, they did their job really fast (but without hurry!) and professional. My move was really smooth and comfortable! Thank you so much! Highly recommended!"

Michael Torres

"It is definitely the best company I ever worked with! They wrapped all my stuff up very good, so there were no scratches or any damage at all! What is more, their customer service was really nice! Manager planned everything pretty well, so the move was wonderfully smooth! Thank you so much! I can highly recommend this company!"

Adam Brooks

Full-service out of state moving company
Save on the total cost of moving getting more additional services in one place.
Freight tracking

Follow the move of your belongings online as a part of our transparency feature.

Cross-country trusted mover

One of the reputable moving state to state companies with years of relocation experience.

Out of State Moving  Services We Offer

If to compare state to state move with Eagle Movers and doing it yourself, it is the same as eating in the luxurious restaurant and having to cook and serve yourself.

Are you ready to go through all these tortures of preparing for moving alone? Relocation keeps many challenges in store and not all of them can be predicted when you plan it. Consequently, you will have to complete an abundance of tasks as well as cope with the unpredictable obstacles appearing on your way. However, when you hire one of the best moving companies from state to state, all these troubles become our responsibility. The moving team of our full-service company has completed hundreds of orders and improved the quality of the services provided to the highest level. Now we offer a variety of moving services to our clients so that they could select ones they needed and make their relocation relaxing and efficient.

Whether you want to have the whole moving process scheduled and coordinated or need only a certain type of assistance from our dedicated staff, you can look through the list or leave an out of state moving companies quote for our managers to provide all the details.

    • Long-distance moving out of state and within it
      We perform state to state moving all around the US. It makes no difference whether you move to the neighboring state or have to relocate across the country, we offer both dedicated and consolidated delivery of your possessions on your choice. Our company is authorized by USDOT and has a license from FMCSA to guarantee you the highest quality of the services provided. Our customers’ belongings always arrive on the agreed date and with the time frame indicated. In addition, you get full protection of the freight that carefully packed, loaded, and transported by our movers.


    • Local moving
      Moving locally has its own peculiarities known only to professionals. Every area and district are different, so it is important to consider every local relocation individually and meet personal requirements of every client. It is exactly the thing done by Eagle Movers. Having an expertise level in relocation we provide our clients with a Personal Relocation Assistant who is responsible for planning all the stages of the moving process and manages it on the relocation day too. It is a guarantee that moving will pass smoothly and without unpredictable situations as well as be well-scheduled and stress-free.


  • Household relocation
    Most of the people are not ready to perform an out of state move without belongings and valuables which they have been gathering for years. Eagle Movers realize their value for owners and perform residential moving services all around the country. It does not play any role whether your take fragile China, furniture or clothes with - our experienced state to state movers will carefully pack every item, label it, and deliver to your new home. In addition, all the possessions we transport are insured against losses, damages, and thefts for our clients to start a new page of their life happily.
  • Commercial moving
    Business or office moving is another direction that requires special knowledge and experience from movers. Small business and big companies have to move because of different reasons, but their future success depends directly on the result of the relocation. It is the reason why commercial moving requires thoughtful planning and analysis. Eagle Movers perform office relocation services not only packing and loading items, devices, and papers but also laying up the floor plan of a new office, arranging pre-moving preparations, and helping businesses on new site with ordering all those things. It helps a firm or company start work earlier and flourish faster.

  • Piano moving
    Musical instruments, machines, bulky items require special care and equipment for moving. State to state movers of our company have completed special training of moving oversized and heavyweight freight and are equipped properly to perform such kind of relocation professionally and quickly. If you have a precious piano, need to move a machine to your production, take your pool table with or any other sizable thing, our moving team is experienced enough to deliver each of them carefully and safely for any distance.

  • Warehouse and self-storage options
    There are situations when you need a safe place to keep your belongings for some period of time. In this case, our storage units can be helpful to every person who requires short-term or permanent storage facilities. Eagle Movers has several branches in different US states for you to find the closest warehouse or storage unit. They are protected round the clock and are equipped to create a special environment in every personal situation. Moreover, these facilities provide fast and comfortable access to the things stored, so you are welcome any time of the day if you need to take anything there.

  • Additional services
    When it comes to the full-service state to state move, every client of Eagle Movers company can claim to receive packing, loading, delivery, unloading, and debris removal services. However, it is only a drop in the water if to consider the range of additional services offered by the company. There is no sense in looking for any extra help if you hire Eagle Movers, since, in addition to a standard package of state to state moving services, our clients can order the following extra relocation solutions:

    • Unpacking;
    • Creation of the checklist;
    • Cleaning;
    • Crating;
    • Secure transportation options for vehicles, motorcycles, and boats;
    • Assembly/disassembly of furniture;
    • Connection/disconnection of the appliances and devices;
    • Freight protection etc.

    The diversity of additional services is rather big, so don’t hesitate to ask our managers about the services you are interested in even if they are absent in this list.

  • Truck rental
    Some people decide to organize their out of state move themselves, but still, they come to the conclusion that it is impossible to move such a big volume of belongings without hiring a large van or truck. Eagle Movers company offer truck rental together with any other moving services. It means that every client can look through the list of the moving solutions offered in our company and select one or several of them required personally by him or her. It is more affordable and prevents you from wasting money on the services you do not need at all.
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State to State Moves FAQs

What is the average cost of moving to another state?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the exact cost of state to state moving since the last one depends on several significant factors. It is worth mentioning that the biggest impact on the total move cost has the distance to be covered and the weight of the freight to be transported.

Additionally, you will need to pay for the extra services, other pick up and drop off stops, storage option. Other factors that influence the relocation fee are moving supplies, date of the move, liability and valuation coverage, etc. The minimum moving cost in our company starts at $150. However, according to the information provided by Moving.com, the average cost of the local move is $1,250, while people who hire out of state movers to cover about 1,000 miles will have to pay $4,890 for their long-distance relocation. These are figures that include moving of a 2-3-bedroom apartment with the total weight of the freight of 7,500 pounds.

If to analyze data from the American Moving and Storage Association, figures are a little different. This organization has estimated that the average cost of local moving in the US is $2,300, though many experts agree that hiring a professional moving company this cost will never fall below $1,000. At the same time, the average long-distance relocation cost mentioned by the Association is a bit lower - $4,300. However, these are only average figures received on the basis of the surveys. If you want to understand how much your personal move will cost if you hire Eagle Movers, leave a quote on our website.

What is the cheapest way to move out of state?

Moving to another state requires some expenses no matter what way you will choose to get there. If you want to save on relocation, experts advise taking a bus to leave from one state for another. It is considered to be one of the cheapest ways to move. Other affordable ways of moving out of state include catching a train, renting a tow trailer or pickup truck, using a moving container (POD) and hiring a cheap moving company. All these ways are ranked by cost from low to high, and you can see that moving with professionals has not gone far in the total cost. Moreover, all the cheap ways to move out of state mentioned above require direct involvement of the person who moves. However, when you order services of an affordable moving company, this involvement is minimum since all the responsibilities for relocation are taken by the state to state movers. Consequently, it is much cheaper and more comfortable to be assisted by professionals during the relocation than deal with all those challenges yourself.

What is the best moving company for long distance moving?

It is natural that competition in the moving market is tough, so many companies offer similar services. However, there are several characteristics of the best movers out of state, which make them outstanding. It is very important to ensure that the moving company you turn to has a license to perform the following services and offers insurance of the cargo it transports or stores. It is great if this company has much experience and an excellent reputation among long-distance movers. The choice of the reputable mover can be also made on the basis of positive reviews and the presence of awards since it is not easy to get these benefits and it means that the company puts much effort to achieve this success. Transparency is another significant feature of the trusted mover: customers must be confident in the transparency of the operations, money transactions, and the absence of hidden fees. One more important characteristic that makes movers worth your attention is providing additional moving services to clients. It prevents customers from looking for other service providers and allows saving some money on that. To sum it up, a reputable company such as Eagle Movers is proud to have all these features and offer top-notch moving solutions to everyone without exceptions, so it is undoubtedly one of the best long-distance movers on the territory of the US.

Why can hiring movers to move out of state be beneficial for me?

Many people are not aware of the difference in moving with professional assistance and without it. However, moving out of state with the help of a reputable moving company opens many opportunities for a person. When you learn about the necessity to relocate or make this decision, you immediately realize how many important tasks you have to complete. A good moving company can take a great deal of these responsibilities and offer you a number of unsurpassed benefits.

  • A complete list of moving services is offered in one place. There is no need to browse hundreds of stores in search of decent packing materials, call dozens of companies to rent a truck and look for people who will agree to help you with loading.

  • Insurance and protection. If you organize relocation yourself, you will have to buy a relocation insurance package additionally to protect your freight from damages, losses, and thefts. Moving companies include it in the total cost already.

  • Better quality. No matter how hard you will work to plan your move to the smallest details, there will be some mishaps because of the lack of relocation experience. Moving companies are masters in this business, so the perfection and quality of the services are guaranteed.

  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions. If a person compares the cost of all the services offered by full-service moving companies with their price per item, there will be a huge gap in it. Of course, it is possible to ask friends to pack and load the cargo, but the purchase and delivery of the packing materials and hiring a truck will cost you as much as a full list of services from a reputable moving company. Is there any sense to rack your brains? Let yourself relax and enjoy the trip to a new home with professional Eagle Movers behind your back.

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